Haven đź‘˝ Earth


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Saving Earth

The creation of the universe by design continually expands the cosmos away from each other. Universal law works in many forms as it’s founding principles continually separates galaxies over time. Our society has followed this universal principal as our human bonds find ways to continually separate from one another. Reignbow is the cosmos way of maintaining our human bonds here on earth. Reignbow uses the content that our universe is made of, the abundance of light. Reignbow has formed after 13.8 billion years to ensure the healthy electronic communication of our society. To give the most advanced civilization in the cosmos hope. By interacting with one another, people design rules, institutions and systems within which they seek to live. Reignbow will support emotional growth and the social wellbeing of our society.

Colorful Spectrum

Reignbow’s platform is an industry first social media application, which is solely based on video recordings captured on the front facing camera of your mobile device. The HTML Code; Red, Green, Blue (RGB) replaces social medias current traditional like scale. Every Post highlights a proprietary color bar which changes as your engagement grows. Current technology has replaced our consistent personal touch. Reignbow enforces the user to consistently make your presence felt by restoring an emotional connection to one another. Reignbow will bring your personality to every single post and improve the social capabilities currently being stripped away.


Reignbow tracks the levels of engagement to all content while updating the profile’s achieved color code through our proprietary algorithm. Reignbow changes a color bar automatically at the bottom of each post as your platform’s engagement grows. Every post adds color code changes through views, comments (video replies), and watch time. The scale includes the entire light spectrum of approx. 16,581,375 available colors. Your profile will start with the lowest blue color code and end with the highest achieved color code in the red spectrum. (example pictured above)