2020 release
Trap Fiesta

2019 release
Krown County Nitro

2018 release
Krown County

About Krown Vic

Krown Vic is a Rapper and lyricist from Virginia who, with his producer Garso Dio, combines hype, hip-hop beats with a trap-punk twist. His lyrics express his motivation to send a positive message to the youth by reflecting on his life experiences. Growing up, Krown looked up to lyricists like Eminem and Michael Jackson, who directly influenced his own freestyling and lyrical styles.
Krown went on tour all over the West Coast and Florida with Lil Pump, D Savage, and Joey Fatts. Krown regularly performs near his home in Washington D.C. at clubs including Eden, Griffin, and Rose Bar. He has also opened for artists including Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Lil Uzi, and DRAM.
Krown Vic is particularly known for his freestyling skills and hype rap lyrics. His songs tell the story of his life and promote self-empowerment through getting money. Ultimately, Krown hopes to positively impact everyone with his music; especially young, urban males—who, he thinks, he relates to the most.
Krown Vic’s has been interviewed by Hot 95 in Jacksonville, The Media Prints, Pat is Dope, and his music can be found on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His management team consists of Robert Williams and Kosta Sarakinis.



KrownVic real name Victor Njomo is a Rapper and lyricist from Alexandria Virginia. Born in 1991 to Cameroon native parents, Victor Njomo was brought up in a world full of musical inclination. After college and the death of his father, Victor was looking for an outlet to be able to express himself and this is when he took up heavy interest in music. Going by the name of “KrownVic,” he began to make an impact within the music industry and corporate world by creating his own business group, “Firm Plague".


KrownVic's lyrics expresses his motivation to send a positive message to the mass by reflecting on his life experiences and he incorporates a hype hip-hop beats with a trap-punk twist. His music is guaranteed to inspire and put you in any feeling you please. KrownVic looked up to many lyricists like Eminem, Kanye West and Michael Jackson just to name a few, that directly influenced his own lyrical styles and lyrical flows.


Not only is KrownVic currently making his mark as one of the hottest local up-and-coming hip-hop Artist in the Washington, DC metro area, but also around the country including touring in West Coast and Florida with Lil Pump, D Savage, and Joey Fatts. KrownVic has also worked with one of the most sort after producers in the music industry "Lex Luger" who has produced multiple songs and his credits includes Hip-hop Superstar such as Future, Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross, 2Chians, T.I, Big Sean, Waka Flaka.KrownVic has also had the pleasure to collaborate with hip-hop star Gorilla Zoe on one of his hit songs.


"IF YOU'RE GOOD AT SOMETHING, DON'T DO IT FOR FREE" Favorite saying: KrownVic’s main purpose for creating his music is to make an undeniable impact in the musical world. One of his greatest desire is to make in impact that could surpass the greatness of even Michael Jackson. He aspires to use his music as a way to help inspire everyone but mainly the youth around his area and to create opportunities for them to succeed. KrownVic's music is his sanity and the expression of his thoughts are heard throughout his musics. KrownVic inspirations are his family and the people that his music can have the greatest influence on. With his continued success, supportive team , growing buzz and growing fan base, there is no doubt that his name and music will live in infamy.



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